Newsom Art

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

There is no set way that we price illustrations. Each job is priced individually, based on things like size, complexity, deadline restraints, etc. If you're not sure whether you can afford something, send us an email. Chances are, you can.


Am I buying the artwork, or just the right to use it, or what?

Typically, people buy the right to use the art one time, for a specific project. We can certainly negotiate a deal where you end up owning the original art, and full rights to it, but the price will reflect that. We send you the original art, you send it back to use when you are finished using it. In some cases we can scan the art and email it to you.


How long does it take?

That depends on size and complexity, of course. However, illustrations generally only take a few days, and we will certainly make sure that your deadline can be met before we start your project.


Can I save money by commissioning art with fewer colors?

It depends on if you are talking about the price of the illustration of the price of printing. For illustrations, we can either do black and white or color, and we do charge less for black and white. As for the cost of printing, printing presses are generally either one, two, or four-color. That refers to how many colors of ink they have in them. A one-color press is used when only one ink is needed (like text). The two color presses can run two colors of ink, which can be combined to make some fairly nice effects on logos, business cards, and stationary, but anything "full color" requires a four-color press. There is no need for more than four colors, (excepting specialty inks like gold) since virtually every color in the world can be depicted by combining red, yellow, blue, and black. The majority of dollars spent on printing go to one time setup costs. Once the press is all ready to go, the only expense is the paper. The biggest thing you can do to save printing costs is to buy a LOT to drive down you per-item cost. A discussion with you printer will give you more details.


What if I don't like the art once I get it?

After talking to us about the project, you will receive a pencil sketch of what the final art will look like. These sketches are full sized, and very tight, so they'll give you a good idea of how the final product is going to look. The sketch stage is your chance to make changes. Finished art will not be started until the sketch is just what you want, so you know exactly what you'll be getting. Once you approve the sketch, we do the final art and send it to you. Changes to final art will require additional billing. All finished art that is commissioned and received is paid for, regardless of whether or not it is used.


Do I have to give you credit for the art on the printed piece?

No you don't. Dollars are the only gratification we ask for. However, we appreciate being given credit, especially when no signature will be visible on the final printed item.


When do I pay?

All finished art will be accompanied by an invoice. Full payment is due within 30 days of receiving the art, however in most cases, a partial payment will be required up front and at the sketch stage.


If you would like to hire one of us, or have further questions, please contact us.